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We offer trainings in the area of aeronautical information management (AIM) and especially for AIXM, ARINC 424, SWIM and ADQ. 

Classroom Trainings


Classroom Trainings (AIXM, ARINC 424, SWIM und ADQ) 

SOLITEC staff has a long history when it comes to developing and facilitating standard and customised trainings in the field of aeronautical data management. This includes subjects such as AIXM, ADQ, ARINC 424, Metadata, Terminal procedure coding, etc.   

For particular subjects SOLITEC has standard training modules (e.g. AIXM, SWIM). In addition we also develop customised training courses that perfectly fits the specific needs of our customers. 

SOLITEC provides traditional instructor–led trainings (ILTs) but also produces web based trainings (WBTs). For the development of our course material we utilise of state of the art technologies including tool such as Adobe Captivate, Screenflow, Audacity and Adobe Illustrator.   


ADQSuite – Geodetic Calculation Service

For the Geodetic Calculation Service tool part of SOLITEC’s Product and Service portfolio named “ADQSuite” we developed a bunch of training videos, for beginners and advanced users of the tool. Check them out on SOLITEC YouTube-Kanal channel.


Check out our series of AIXM 5 learning videos

The intention of these videos is to provide an opportunity to learn about complex AIXM concepts in an entertaining, animated, easy going way. 

The first episodes of “The AIXM 5 Story” series can be watched on our SOLITEC YouTube-Kanal channel.


If you want to know more about our training offers, please contact
Mr. Wolfgang Scheucher (wscheucher@solitec.com or +43-1-5358875-5439) 

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