Solutions enabling the smooth digital exchange of aeronautical data 

Our solutions 

With our software tools and complementary services we support the exchange of aeronautical data along the entire data chain from data originator to end user. 

Geodetic Calculations Services (GCS)

UUID Registry​

Static Data Completeness Tool (SDC)

Geodetic Calculations Services (GCS)

With our GCS solution we won the first place in the Services category of the SWIM Masterclass of Eurocontrol in 2014. 

  • Offers a portfolio of services based on geodetic calculation routines
    • direct, inverse, intersection, arc length, arc tangent calculations, etc. 
    • route validation service, etc.
  • Follows requirements of Commission Regulation (EU) 73/2010 (ADQ), incl. metadata 
  • Supports data processing in AIXM 5.1 format, incl. UUID generation 
  • Provides several customizable input and output parameters 
  • Accounts for magnetic variation, based on the World Magnetic Model (WMM) 
  • Visualizes input parameter and calculations results on a map 
  • Includes data lookup functions 

Calculation service is provided as 

  • OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) i.e. system-to-system connections and 
  • Web Application with corresponding GUI 

The calculation results can be obtained in several response forms such as WPS standards, raw data, pdf report, graphically.  



GCS Registration 

The Geodetic Calculation Services (GCS) has been launched at the World ATM Congress 2015.  

Technical support 

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UUID Registry

The UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) Registry is a web based service for the allocation and registration of unique IDs for aeronautical data comprising following functionalities: 

  • Definition and administration of natural keys for all AIXM 5 features 
  • Recording and managing of natural keys for AIXM 5 data 
  • Allocation of new UUIDs for AIXM 5 data 
  • Validation of existing UUIDs 
  • UUID or natural key based query of AIXM 5 data. 

You can find more information on our Problem Statement page and in the section how we show the problem in a practical solution. 



The is your phone book for aeronautical data. It enables SWIM through registration and publication of unique identifiers for aeronautical features. is a practical application for the UUID Registry. 


  • Registration of Aeronautical Features
    • Airports, Navaids, Obstacles, … 
  • Identification of Authoritative Source 
  • Search by Keyword or UUID 
  • Independent Logical Data Model
    • Supporting AIXM, ARINC 424, CSV, …
    • Domain Key Management
  • Standardised Interfaces

Static Data Completeness Tool (SDC) 

Aeronautical data are becoming a key enabler for emerging automated flight support systems in a digital Air Traffic Management (ATM) environment. In order to fulfill the operational requirements of such systems and processes, the availability and quality of this data is of particular importance.   

The European AIS* Database (EAD) with its central repository the Static Data Operations (SDO) allows States to maintain the static data for their area of responsibility and to retrieve static data from other areas. In order to support the high amount of requested information and the complexity for States to ensure the data collection from all the different data sources, the static data consistency review process of EAD has been improved by appropriate procedures and tools.    

* AIS = Aeronautical Information Services

For this purpose, on behalf of EUROCONTROL, SOLITEC developed the Static Data Completeness (SDC) tool. The SDC offers several functions to monitor the completeness of the static data stored in EAD. One of the key functions of the SDC tool is the identification of missing data items. Therefore, EAD Data Providers have the possibility to define corresponding Nil Reasons for each data element. With the last release, SDC also provides an ADQ (Aeronautical Data Quality) annotation function. This function allows EAD Data Providers to indicate ADQ compliance on data item level.   

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the SDC tool has been developed with Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX). APEX is Oracle’s primary tool for developing Web applications with SQL and PL/SQL.    

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